Another One

5 05 2007

This looks like a good time for accepts, just got another paper accepted. This conference is in Netherlands. I can also use this as an excuse to visit that country since I have never been there. So for summer I have San Francisco, Chicago and Amsterdam. Things are looking up.


The Altar

4 05 2007

Why go to the altar every other day when one turns back? Why go indeed when one has turned one’s back on many things? Because one hopes for a better world. Man and better man, or even overman.

Leonhard Euler

2 05 2007

Last month was the 300th birth anniversary of the Mathematician extraorinaire Leonhard Euler. Here is a story from the Washington post. For those people who are not familiar with Euler the following excerpt should serve as a good introduction.

“The four greatest mathematical scientists of all time are Archimedes, Isaac Newton, Leonhard Euler and Carl Friedrich Gauss,” said Ronald S. Calinger, a historian of mathematics at Catholic University. He is nearly done with the first book-length biography of Euler written in English.

What Happened to Art in the 20th Century

30 04 2007

The question is what happened to art in the 20th century, Spengler over at Asia Times tries to provide an answer.

To accommodate the ambitions of the artists, the 20th century turned the invention of artistic worlds into a mass-manufacturing business. In place of the humble craftsmanship of Bach’s world, the artistic world split into movements. To be taken seriously during the 20th century, artists had to invent their own style and their own language. Critics heaped contempt on artists who simply reproduced the sort of products that had characterized the past, and praised the founders of schools: Impressionism, Cubism, Primitivism, Abstract Expressionism, and so forth.

What You Leave Behind

30 04 2007

There are times when you feel like doing the disappearing act and not writing back or saying anything to anyone. You feel like the ones who were left behind but you won’t even though you miss them. You think that if you are away from them for a sufficiently long time, that would be enough time for them and also for you to be perceived as a different person. Even though you miss them you are in a new place now and you have to move on. This is what you leave behind.

New Paper

29 04 2007

Just got another paper accepted which is not in my main field of study, at another conference but unlike the last conference I will be going to this one since it would be easier to do so. I can now add Chicago in my list of places to visit in summer.

Do You Know Me (02)

28 04 2007

Eisenheim disappears one days never to be heard of again but people do hear things about Eisenheim. In the course of time Eisenheim becomes semi-legendary and then he returns. The people that he knew do not recognize him. He is a different person now. To be a different person, to be the person that you always wanted to be requires that you reorient yourself towards being that person. May be one day when I am back I will ask, “Do you know me?” My response will be – “No!”