The Man known as Vonnegut

17 04 2007

People have already written many things about Kurt Vonnegut, one of the iconic writers of our age. Now that Mr. Vonnegut is gone. He was one of those rare individuals who believed in human decency. Many people have put their faith in technology and that it will solve all of our problems without realizing that without proper ethics and self-policing people are likely to use it for wrong ends. An incident that left a lasting impression on him was the bombing of Dresden and although a soldier in WW II, the theme of absurdity and futility of war permeates his work, most famously elaborated in Slaughterhouse Five. He equally criticized the tendency of some religions to manipulate people and was even the honorary president of the American Humanist Association. Some sort pessimism about the human race also permeates his work. Time and again the human race has fell short of its moral standards. “So it goes.”




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