What You Leave Behind

30 04 2007

There are times when you feel like doing the disappearing act and not writing back or saying anything to anyone. You feel like the ones who were left behind but you won’t even though you miss them. You think that if you are away from them for a sufficiently long time, that would be enough time for them and also for you to be perceived as a different person. Even though you miss them you are in a new place now and you have to move on. This is what you leave behind.


Why be yourself when you can be someone else?

25 04 2007

This is the question that the modern man and the modern woman has to ask themselves if only they get time from their busy routine. The modern man and woman is too busy running after his or her goals and mechanically executing their daily routines that they have seldom time to reflect on the activities that they are doing. Hence people do not have time to be themselves and feel better off by merging into the crowd. This is one of the quintessential question that has been raised by many existential thinkers starting from the father of Existentialism himself, that is takes courage and going against the flow to be oneself. Now those who go with the flow can ask such people “Why be yourself when you can be someone else?” Such is the paradox of life.