Do You Know Me (02)

28 04 2007

Eisenheim disappears one days never to be heard of again but people do hear things about Eisenheim. In the course of time Eisenheim becomes semi-legendary and then he returns. The people that he knew do not recognize him. He is a different person now. To be a different person, to be the person that you always wanted to be requires that you reorient yourself towards being that person. May be one day when I am back I will ask, “Do you know me?” My response will be – “No!”


The Illusionist (01)

22 04 2007

There are many way to read and many lessons to learn from Eisenheim the Illusionist, this is one. Eisenheim returns after many years to get the thing that he covets the most. He has patience, skill, conviction and a strong belief in his cause. Eisenheim triumphs in the end because he has a plan. What everyone see and hear is an illusion but that is secondary to the pursuit. What matters is to find a cause which one can devote one’s energies to and live for it. This is the story of Einsenheim the Illusionist.